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Get Admitted to the College of Your Choice THIS Fall

Get Admitted to the College of Your Choice THIS Fall

Are you STILL wondering whether to attend college this fall? If you’re fresh out of high school, my advice to you is: don’t wait another minute. GO!  But wait, you have to choose.  If you’re a mature learner who wants to go back to get a degree after a few years away from school, my advice is the same, but different. Be choosy (sp)!  Of course, I can help.

The difficulty of choosing a college this late in the year is that many college enrollment seats are full for certain programs of study (See this Chronicle of Higher Education article You as a learner may not have the funds to attend the college of your choice, much less relocate to said college town and exhaust yourself in registering, finding textbooks, an apartment, orienting to the locale, and then actually attending the first class.  It may be that you just want to get into the community college. But without help, navigating these treacherous waters could take every last ounce of energy to the point where you just give up. No one wants that.

Enter the seasoned professional (that’s me). For a small investment of time, I can help you not only feel comfortable with your choice of college, but assist in entrance exams, letters of recommendation, and the multitude of hurdles you must jump – not to mention flaming hoops – in order to be a success in your study discipline. You can do this. With a little guidance, your college experience can be made much less stressful and much more productive. Better yet, you won’t regret your decision. Drop me a note.