All I Want For Christmas

Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 10.22.15 PMI admit to having book lust.  My zeal for reading has me, like most 50 year olds, staring down through lenses propped on the end of my nose.  An eye doctor would say it isn’t due to reading, just the natural progression of age.  But I have a good eye doctor who claims he will never retire.  Any way you slice it, it isn’t healthy: reading too much, aging, not retiring.

Rather than deny my appetite, I’ll publish my reading list here, in case anyone wishes to send me something this holiday.  There are 55 books on my wish list,  however I can only realistically read 20 books this year.  Not many of these are at the library, but a few are, like Helen Keller’s autobiography.  I don’t know why I never got to that one.  It’s a must read for anyone human.

The problem with having a wish list is that it grows as new books are published.  For instance, did you know the best work in 100 years on the subject of suicide just came out?  Yes, it is a morbid subject, but Americans tend to deny themselves introspection anyway.  That’s a joke, son.

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