Custody of Student Transcripts

Sometimes I make it sound like it is a life or death issue. Well, that’s being human. Conducting surveys is one thing, but interpreting data or concluding based on data a certain outcome should be taken seriously; that’s another thing.

The response I recently received from Jim Wager of Scrip-Safe confirms such a scenario. He said that “The contemporary perspective of the higher education community is that the transcript is the official record of the school that summarizes the academic history of the student – enrolled courses, grades received, semesters enrolled, special academic actions (i. e Dean’s List), degrees awarded, and so on.  From this perspective the school owns the transcript, not the student.”

In the fast emerging consumer-oriented, commoditized education market, you’d better believe students will demand portable transcripts. To apply for one job, I need to shell out for five separate transcripts a total of $5+$3+$5+$7+$10, or $30 for a set of credentials above and beyond my degree, mere reproducible sheepskin by any counterfeiter, to any employer requiring to verify my background.  I believe this is an economic imperative that higher educational institutions hear and respond to the education consumer’s demand for a product that meets their needs.

This is all I have to say tonight. Good night.


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