Ronald Reagan’s Legacy to the Rest of U.S.

It is so very tiring hearing from the 2012 Republican presidential candidates about the effervescent legacy of Ronald Reagan. Reagan’s policies and proud pontifications, in my opinion, harmed our country by accelerating concentrated corporate power. No one asks whether Reagan would have been held in as such high historical regard as he is if Mikhail Gorbachev of the U.S.S.R. had stood him down, refusing to demolish the Berlin Wall. It’s rather a sign that Gorbachev was open and trusting of the U.S., than it was of Reagan being a great communicator. In this, I think Reagan was a good opportunist. That he could naturally open his mouth was a given. That moment in Soviet/American relations was a long telegraphed punch, preceded by the leadership of Andropov.

Americans do not need salvation in the Newt Gingrich spooneristic type of Reaganism, nor from a prolonged house sitting by Obama. The common citizens who work hard in our country want stability and control over their future.


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